Do you ever get stuck for ideas when it comes to promoting your pet business?

Perhaps you struggle to come up with content ideas for your website or posts on social media?

If this sounds like you, then you will love these 27 ideas to promote your pet business.

It's a free download you can print and refer to every time you're all out of ideas.

Each prompt is designed to help you connect with your clients and future customers without feeling pushy or spammy.

All the tips are engaging, fun and free meaning you won't have to sit scratching your head wondering what to do, write or say.

Use the ideas as content for:

💻 social media posts

🎓 blogs and information on your website

📹 live videos

💌 e mails to clients

💡 challenges and promotions

You'll never be stuck for what to say again! 

About Me

I'm Rachel Spencer and I've been working as a freelance journalist for 20 years, the last ten writing mostly about pets.

Whether you're a service provider, you make products, or you run a rescue or charity, knowing how to promote your business is vital and I can show you how.

My pet blog, is in the UK Top 10 Pet Blogs, so I'm never short of an idea, and I help pet business owners learn new ways to reach clients each week with my podcast, Publicity For Pet Businesses.

Sarah Blythman from Reg and Bob pet accessories says:

“Rachel knows her stuff and her advice is invaluable. 

"Not only can she show you how to get the best publicity for your pet business, she is brimming with ideas and enthusiasm.

"A tip from Rachel is a tip worth actioning!"

Check out Sarah's pawsome blog at 


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