Be Bold Bootcamp for Pet Businesses 

How do you feel when it comes to talking about what you do in your pet business?
Do the words ‘Putting yourself out there’ make you want to run to the hills?
Perhaps you’ve felt frustrated because people less experienced or qualified than you, or who use outdated and questionable methods are everywhere?
Or if you’ve a product, you might feel invisible while competitors are sharing endless posts about how they’re ‘smashing it.’
If you’re nodding along, I imagine it’s not that these people or products are in any way superior.
More likely the people behind them are more bold, and it’s the voices that shout the loudest who get heard.
If you'd like to work together on this, come and join the FREE five day Be Bold Bootcamp starting April 25th.


Count me in!

I'm Rachel and I've helped hundreds of pet business owners like you put themselves out there 

I understand how hard it is to share what you do because for years I hid away too, terrified of what people might think if I talked online about what I could offer and willing the phone to ring.

But if you don't tell people what you do, how do they know you can help them? 

Sarah Jones

I had no idea where to start when it came to writing about my My Anxious Dog accessory business. Words and writing were difficult for me but Rachel supports and encourages you and gives you the confidence to try. Everyone needs a Rachel.

Kim O'Donnell

Working together helped transform the way I see my Leo, Charley and Me accessory business. I didn't have a clue how to get people to my website and now I've won awards and been featured in the press. The difference Rachel has made to my business and life is incredible. 

Zoe Willingham

I've been able to find stories in my Best Behaviour Dog Training business that I didn't even consider were newsworthy, been on the radio, in newspapers and magazines and won awards thanks to working with Rachel and she has been such a help to my business. 

How to join in the Be Bold Bootcamp 

Save your spot 

Pop your e mail address in the sign up box and you’ll get a message confirming you’re registered for the bootcamp.

Join the group 

The Friday before, you’ll be invited to join the pop up Facebook group and meet your Be Bold Bootcamp buddies.

Daily tasks 

We start on Monday and each morning (mon-Fri) at 7am you’ll get a short video (less than 5 mins) explaining the task.

Get feedback 

Do the short task (less than 10 mins) and share your progress in the group. If you’ve a question join the daily live at 6pm. 

Want to build your confidence when it comes to talking about your awesome pet business? 

Being Bold isn't just for the BSers.

Come and join in and let me help you find your voice.

Join the Be Bold Bootcamp

It's starting April 25th 2022 for five days online and will help take you from bashful to bold.