Any of this sound familiar?

Do the words ‘Putting yourself out there’ make you want to run to the hills?
Ever felt frustrated because people less experienced or qualified than you, or who use outdated and questionable methods are everywhere?
Or you have a product you're proud of and your competitors are sharing endless posts about how they’re ‘smashing it.’
Meanwhile, you feel invisible, or like you're being pushy or annoying when you talk about what you do. 
If so, you're in the right place....

I'm Rachel and I've helped hundreds of pet business owners like you put themselves out there 

I understand how hard it is to share what you do because for years I hid away too, terrified of what people might think if I talked online about what I could offer and willing the phone to ring.

But if you don't tell people what you do, how do they know you can help them? 

That's where the Be Bold Group Coaching programme comes in.

Tell Me More!

What's inside the Be Bold Bootcamp Group programme?

Be Bold Framework

Go from bashful to bold. Learn to tell your pet business story and how to put yourself out there in a way that feels right.

Get inspired

Listen to interviews from four awesome pet businesses who are loud and proud about what they do and on hand to help you. do the same.

Meet bold buddies  

You'll be part of a group united by a common goal, to be bold and get noticed by pet parents, plus all the support you need from me!

Sarah Jones

I had no idea where to start when it came to writing about my My Anxious Dog accessory business. 

I was in awe of what other people were achieving working with Rachel so I joined her course.
I was so nervous of the Zoom group meetings. But Rachel was very encouraging and I got over that hurdle and started to enjoy the calls and chat.
I remember talking about podcasts and thinking 'there is no way I would ever do a podcast!' I've now done three.
I've been on the Radio three times in one day talking about my own national #dogsinyellow day! Crazy right?
Rachel gave me the confidence with sticking my toe in the limelight and then a bit more until you have the confidence to jump out and say “Hey I'm here”

My big girl pants are well and truly on and sometimes they do go back in the drawer. But when that happens, I remember what I've achieved and keep going.
Everyone needs a Rachel!

Jo Milnes

You've helped me be bold and start to let more people know about my business - Distinctive Pets - before I was almost keeping it a secret. 
I am a shy person and shouting about myself, my business or my products doesn't come naturally. Then I lacked the confidence that anyone really wanted to know about what I did.
I think that my turning point was when my neighbours dogs were stolen and I was able to put into practice things I'd learnt from you with social media and press (radio and TV as well)  I have then used these contacts to help my business. 
Along with this I have also met people such as Rosie, Alison and Rikki who have also helped with how I present my business. 
All this had increased the visibility of my business and sales have grown. 
As someone who sat on the fance thinking about it for a whilte, I can honestly say you won't regret working with Rachel.
My business is growing steadily and the skills I've learnt can be used in other business ventures I have - my pet friendly holiday cottage and a future project that my sister and I are planning. 


Michelle Burgess

Rachel has helped me be BOLD on many things since working on Scruffy Little Terrier recently she helped me be bold on a new design launch, something that I spend ages procrastinating about because in my head I’m asking thinking ‘What if no one likes the design?’ ‘What if no one buys a product with the new design?’ ‘What if people think the design in rubbish?’ Imposter syndrome is real!
After working with Rachel, I now have a clear plan, some brilliant ideas for the product launch to really get excitement going. I am working on the plan now and hope to get the design launched in a couple of weeks.
It’s really helped to make me feel bold to move forward with a proper plan for the design launch and I know that when it does launch I will have done the best I can to raise interest and anticipation and hopefully sales!
If you are thinking of working with Rachel but aren’t sure, then I would say BE BOLD and just do it. Rachel has so many ways you can work with her and she really listens and wants to help you achieve your dream and goals.  She will give you what you need to feel confident that you can move forward and Be Bold without feel like a fraud. 

Pay in full


  • Put your pet business out there in a way that feels right for you.
  • Get inspired from other petpreneurs who are being BOLD!
  • Six weeks of support in the Facebook group
  • Reach more clients and make more sales.
  • Stop feeling icky and cringe talking about your thing and be BOLD and proud!

Pay monthly


  • Put your pet business out there in a way that feels right for you.
  • Get inspired from other petpreneurs who are being BOLD!
  • Six weeks of support in the Facebook group
  • Reach more clients and make more sales.
  • Stop feeling icky and cringe talking about your thing and be BOLD and proud!

Alison Price

Rachel and I have worked together as I run House of Henry graphic design for pet businesses.

She simply makes me feel bold by default. Her ability to seize the day and crack on with the next thing she has planned for her life and her business is contagious!

Rachel has encouraged me to go outside of my comfort zone and take part in guest expert sessions and be interviewed on podcasts which has meant I've reached more people who now know about my graphic design work.

If I have a wobble Rachel is there to set me straight and give me a boost of confidence.

From Win Wednesdays to Win Folders, Rachel’s practical tools are a godsend when we all need that little reminder that actually, we’re doing ok.


Kim O'Donnell

Working together helped transform the way I see my Leo, Charley and Me accessory business.

I hadn't used social media and I didn't have a clue how to get people to my website and now I've won awards and been featured in the press, from local papers to glossy magazines and huge newspapers like the Daily Mail.

I still have the odd wobble and imposter syndrome like everyone but from working with Rachel I've been able to find ways to promote my business, won a stall at Theo Paphitis Autumn Fair where I made more sales in two days than three months, and I've been able to donate to Spaniel Aid, helping dogs in need as my business was inspired by my rescue Spaniel Charley.

The difference Rachel has made to my business and life is incredible. 

Zoe Willingham

Rachel has helped me be bold with so many things when it comes to my Best Behaviour Dog training business from social media, press releases, radio appearances and much more.

I never wanted to be bold before because all the bold people I tended to see were bs’ers and I thought I would just be seen that way too.

I guess their boldness was intimidating, which is why Bs’er are good at it!

I posted content after content on social media, I got press from awards I have won, and have regular appearances on the radio.

I feel bold about being bold! I still get the wobbles but push past the fear now, because I know I have the support of so many wonderful people Rachel has connected me with.

My advice to anyone thinking of working with Rachel is just do it, it will be the best decision you have ever made.