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Does this sound familiar?

You want to put yourself and your pet business ‘out there’ but you’re not sure where to start and you worry about what people might think.

You know you offer a brilliant product or service for pet owners but you're not sure enough people know about what you do.

There’s competition popping up all over the place and you want to be the one that stands out - the go-to pet business for your area.

You see other petpreneurs in newspapers or on the radio and think, 'How do they do it?'

Wouldn't it be great if you could do the same?

Skyrocket your visibility and make your pet business famous!

Learn how to get featured in newspapers, magazines, on the radio and on TV plus top websites, blogs and podcasts.

Build confidence in putting your products out there and position yourself as an expert.

Raise your profile so you attract clients who see your true value and are willing to invest in what you offer.

Join a community of like minded petpreneurs who've featured on BBC TV and Radio and in newspapers like the Telegraph, Independent, Daily Mail, Sun, Sunday Mirror, Sunday Express and magazines like Your Dog, Dog Monthly and Dogs Today.

Plus you'll learn how to appear in local and regional titles - ideal for reaching people in the community you serve. 

And you don't need to spend an arm and a leg on a fancy PR firm, marketing agency or ads.

Instead you'll learn to be your own publicist.




Introducing the Publicity for Pet Businesses Membership

The Publicity for Pet Businesses membership is where you learn how to promote your business on your own platforms and in the media.

Build publicity on you OWN platform

You have SO many tools available as a business owner to show off what you do in your pet business.

You'll learn how to manage your website, social media and other communications like a media outlet to attract, nurture and convert clients.

Get exposure in the mainstream AND new media

Learn how to connect with journalists and influential content creators and give them what they want.

From opinion pieces, product round ups, expert comment, case studies and features, the opportunities out there are endless.

Learn how to become your OWN publicist

Ensure your business is  EVERYWHERE and learn how to stand out from the ever growing competition.

You'll learn how to create stellar content for your own media channels and write pitches and press releases that don't get binned.

"If you're in the pet industry and want exposure to attract new clients this is the place for you."

Becky Baker

Hi, I'm Rachel Spencer!

I’ve been a journalist writing for local, regional and national titles since 1999, and when I adopted my first dog Daisy, I started writing more about pets.

I launched a pet blog, then a book, Publicity Tips for Pet Businesses which led to a consultancy and coaching service for pet business owners who wanted to learn how to raise their profile and for it to be affordable too.

The Publicity for Pet Businesses Coaching Programme began as a course in 2019 and became a year long membership in 2020.

You don’t have to hire a fancy PR company to put your business in the spotlight - there’s so much you can do yourself and I’m behind you every step of the way.


What happens inside the membership?

The Publicity for Pet Businesses membership is where you learn how to promote your business on your own platforms and in the media.

Find out

What journalists, bloggers and influencers really are interested in when it comes to pet stories and how to get featured in the right places.

We'll explore the different angles you can take, from sharing business and personal stories to being an expert in your field.

You'll learn

How to approach journalists, what to give them and how to effectively promote yourself on your own platforms.

You'll discover how to write pitches and press releases about your business with ease.

The result?

You'll think like a journalist, build relationships in the industry and collaborate with other petpreneurs to amplify your message.

You'll be able to get press coverage worth hundreds and even thousands of pounds over and over again.

And repeat!

Inside the membership you'll learn my tried and tested pet business promotion formulas that work like a dream.

It's a simple way of creating content, angles, pitches and press releases that get used and help you become a superstar pet professional!

What's included in the Membership?

A 12 week coaching programme that’s a step by step guide to putting your business in the spotlight.

It’s designed to help you secure media coverage in newspapers, magazines, on the radio and TV and feature on websites and podcasts where your ideal customer's eyes and ears are.

✅ Module One

Your pet business message - You’ll learn how to articulate who you are, what you do and why you do it

✅  Module Two 

Create your press kit - Here you get everything you need in one place so you’re ready to pitch your story to the press.

✅  Module Three

Media wishlist - Work out the titles you’d love your business to feature in.

✅  Module Four 

What makes a story - Learn what journalists are interested in - and what they don’t want to hear about.

✅  Module Five 

What stories do you have? Chances are you already have TONNES of stories journalists could be interested in, you just need a little help to find them.

✅  Module Six 

Pitches and Press Releases - Learn how to write email pitches that get answers and press releases that get published.

✅  Module Seven

Using social media for publicity - Journalists are on social media every day looking for people like you.

✅  Module Eight 

Step into the spotlight - This module has a mock interview to help you prepare, plus advice on what to do in a crisis.

✅  Module Nine

Creating a publicity plan - Learn how to keep up your good work and get more eyes on your business all year round.

Monthly Q and A sessions
Regular Meet The Journalist sessions
Guest experts 
Learn about Social Media with Janet Murray,
FOMO for pet businesses with May King Tsang,
Google Analytics with Vicki Jakes,
Photography with Kerry Jordan,
SEO with Rosie Robinson,
Pricing with Sally Farrant,
Design with Alison Price from House of Henry

...and much much more.

"I've been featured in two national newspapers and even won an award since joining the Membership"

Emily Thomas, K9 Trail Time


"I studied and worked hard on Rachel's programme and I've been in The Daily Telegraph, The Edinburgh Evening News, BBC Radio Scotland Morning Show with Kaye Adams, Woman and Home online and Edition Dog."

Suzanne Gould
Edinburgh Holistic Dogs

"We've gained 16 pieces of PR since joining"

Julie Maxted, The Dog-G8 Company


"I’m at the top of the Google for dog walkers in my area and I’m the top canine care go-to person in my town. I get spotted in town by strangers which makes me feel like a celebrity. Even the dogs I walk are becoming local celebs."

Jude Davidson
Park Life Honiton






Still thinking about joining?

I've tried to answer your most asked questions below and provide direct feedback about what it's like to be part of the Membership Community.

Everything you need to know when it comes to publicity for your pet business.

You'll learn how to build exposure on your own platforms and other people's too.

Plus how to research publications, pitch to journalists, create the right imagery and much more.

We also have a pet business website designer in the group, Rosie Robinson of Wuf Design to share advice on SEO and websites.


There are live weekly classes where I will take you through the course material and this is an opportunity to ask questions, get ideas and tailored feedback on pitches and meet other members. 
I would highly recommend coming to as many live classes as you can as this is how you will get the most from your investment. 
The classes take place over Zoom which is a video conferencing software. 
You can use it on your Smartphone or computer and see and chat to me and other members of the group.
They will be shared in the Facebook group so you can catch up if you miss any.

To get the most from the membership, you need to do the work.

There are around six sessions a month - a mix of classes and member Q and A sessions - and each one is usually an hour long.

You’ll learn how to get publicity and get loads of ideas for stories. 

Once you find some contacts and get into the flow of sending off your ideas, it’s pretty easy. 

You send off the e mail or you can call if you have a good relationship with the reporter, then they will reply and tell you what they need.

Usually, it’s answers to a few questions and it won’t take you more than 20 minutes but the result is your business being seen by thousands or even millions of people. 

You get a printed workbook sent out to you for the Publicity Spotlight programme.

Downloadable workbooks are available for many of the masterclasses and workshops already inside the membership.

Also included are video tutorials, templates and swipe copy which is copy that is already written out for pitches and e mails to make generating publicity easier.

Yes, I’m in the Facebook group every day, we have several sessions a week where you can chat to me and if you have a problem and feel I can help, I am absolutely there for you.

This is not a programme where you never see or get to chat to the person who runs it.

If you've any reservations, take a look at the evidence of pet businesses who have had success on my programme in my Facebook group.

Also, I'm walking the walk.

I have an award winning pet blog and a podcast that is regularly in the top 100 marketing podcasts.

I'm invited to speak at industry events like the Pet Industry Federation on publicity and content, and inside organisations such as the Dog Training College, APDT, APBC, Epic Dog and many more.

So I hope that reassures you.

If you can't come to a session, don't worry, you can watch a recording later.

There is no pressure to attend any  of the classes, they are there to help you implement the learning material.

Everyone learns differently  and we lead busy lives, so use the resources and lessons when you need them and if you need any  help, that's what I'm here for.

Lots of people are. It’s good because you’ll already know how memberships work, appreciate the benefits of working with an expert and understand how to apply yourself.

There are no other membership programmes covering publicity for pet businesses, so if this is what you need to focus on, you’ll get everything you need inside.

What you get out of the membership will depend on what you put in. 

If you attend the sessions and implement the advice, you will get publicity in lots of different outlets and you will learn how to build a buzz around your business on your own media.

If you’re not prepared to come to the sessions, then you may as well flush your money down the loo.

Unlike a lot of memberships, I teach everything live. The publicity programme is repeated every four months and updated. 

So if you fall behind, you can pick up on the next round. Online courses have a 10 per cent completion rate on average and that’s why I do the classes live.

Believe me I’ve spent so much money on courses that have sat in my inbox untouched and I don’t want this programme to be like that.

No, I don't give refunds. If you have any questions please e mail me at [email protected] 

You can hire one if you like, but before you do, I would recommend you ‘learn it, conquer it and hand it over,’ as my friend Alex Smith says.

This means you know what a story is, you know what journalists want, you’ve already done it on your own.

So when you’re sat in front of a PR firm, they know they can’t pull the wool over your eyes and charge you up to £6000 a month (yes really) and not deliver.

Investing for a year’s publicity coaching means you’re in the driving seat and you know how to do it yourself.

Here’s an interesting stat for you too. Research by PR Newswire found the average response rate to e mails from PR companies by journalists was 9 per cent.

One of my members Karen Boyce has a 60 per cent success rate with her pitches. 

The membership will prepare you in case you ever need to hire a PR and I invite trusted PR consultants in to share how the industry works, so you know what to look for if you reach the point where you need to outsource.

This is true. I haven’t. But I have spent 20 years working in the media and this course is about getting you exposure and publicity.

I’ve launched a successful pet blog, which has been in the top 10 UK pet blogs by media analysts Vuelio since it started in 2017.

I can’t tell you what harness to use or what payment system is best or how many dogs should be on a walk (happy to recommend people who can!)

But if you’re looking to learn how to get publicity, I am the only person in the UK offering a tailored, tried and tested programme JUST for pet business owners.

By signing up to the programme you do so on the understanding you will remain in the membership for 12 months.

But if your circumstances change and you are no longer able to use the membership, please let me know by e mailing [email protected].

As a paying member, you have access to the live classes, the membership portal and the Facebook community, but should you decide to leave, you will no longer have this.

If you complete your payment plan and decide to move on, you will be granted access to the library of recordings. 

At the end of the programme you  will be given the option to continue with your membership at the rate at which you joined.

This means you will still be able to access all of the learning material and the Facebook group.

Should you decide to leave, you will have access to the recording library.

You won't have access to the Facebook community or any future classes.

"Working with Rachel has saved me loads of money compared to going to a PR company"

Louise Humphrey - Paws 4 Running


"Raising my profile has meant I've been so busy I have been at my sewing machine into the small hours and have even had to train up my daughter to keep up with orders from all over the world. Without working with Rachel I'd still be sitting looking at my website wondering how to get people to visit it! "

Kim O'Donnell
Leo, Charley and Me

"Rachel showed me exactly how to get my name out there"

Claire Lawrence - High Peak Dogs


If Claire has inspired you and you'd like to sign up for the membership, the new founder member price of £799 or £67 per month is available until 18th January.

£799 Annual £67 a month Learn more

"Having worked with Rachel for the last year I can honestly say my Luxury Dog Hamper business has transformed. The membership will easily be paid back ten fold if you do the work."

Karen Rhodes
Luxury Dog Hampers

I hope you can see the success you can achieve by joining the Publicity for Pet Businesses Coaching Programme.

It's affordable and accessible PR coaching for small businesses.

I will be there every step of the way for you and am invested in your success.

What have you got to lose other than seeing if you can really get your business out there?

The programme opens again in September 2021 and if you'd like to learn more, book a chat here.

Rachel 🐾


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